Is VR the Future of Website Design


Right now, some of the dominating trends in web designing are:

  • Responsive design
  • Single page design
  • Card design
  • Material design

These web design trends are all in response to the technologies we use to interact with, such as laptops, desktops and smart devices. All of which use glass displays that mimic physical documents in a digital manner and which, on a fundamental level, have not significantly changed for decades.

So what will happen if the computing we know today changes its face? Or perhaps we might even ditch the interfaces that uses glass screens altogether? Well, we might be near to find out, as per computer geeks and technology enthusiasts, we are about to enter the age of context.

Contextual computing is all about technology understanding its creators and fellow beings. Our needs have hiked to the level where now, we need the integration of contextual computing in our lives, so much so that we have not imagined it earlier in our lives. Contextual computing is getting commercial and we are seeing the results today, but it hasn’t widely spread yet. The coming years are more likely to bring in positive changes in this sector.

Where will it lead website designing?

As conscious computing or contextual computing will rise in future, it will drastically change the way we interact with data/content. Website designing must change and evolve, because in future what we are expecting is more artificial intelligence instilled into common human interactions. You never know an online visitor can be able to enter a website virtually and take a walk through via wearable devices like that of a shopping mall and with the growing ecommerce trend globally, this very well sounds like a reality. If the current direction of website development is to adapt into an application platform, then 20 years from today, it will require website design agencies to take few steps ahead of it. After all we are going not only to be plopped down with the knowledge and experience we have today, but as human beings we will keep adjusting and evolving as it happens.

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